Sex with My Son

Hello ISS readers my is Shraddha & I live in Chennai , I am by profession a lecturer in one of the reputed educational institute here in Chennai . my husband was a commercial pilot & died seven years ago. This is my first time that I have ever read stories like indian sex stories as I have learned the computer & use of Internet recently . I am 43 ,people tell me that I am quite sex appealing .

I first enjoyed sex when I was 22 with one of my student who was use to come for tuition . I have some lesbian experience as well with two of female lecturers who are working with me in the same Institute. The story I want to share with you is about me & my son Milind. One early morning I walked into the bathroom and when I got in the door I saw my son Milind drying off with a towel and the position he was in I could clearly see the his big cock, my, his cock had to be at least 8 inches long and 3 inches thick, it was an incredible site, I never thought about my son like that before in fact I was totally against it, but the thought’s running through my head was making me a little dazed, I was dying for sex from last seven years .I was tired of fucking myself with my finger . Next thing I know I’m on my knees and I’m taking my son’s monster cock in my wanton mouth, it was so big and hard ummmm mmmmmmmm I could barely get my hand around it, it was so thick, I started gagging a little, I mean with the size of that beast you couldn’t blame me.

First he was little amazed , surprised & shocked by my action than he started to like it Inch by Inch that cock sworded in my mouth so he wouldn’t ram it down and choke me, after a minute of working that fat bastard down my throat he put all the way to the back of my throat and I tried sucking as hard as I could but with the size and thickness it was hard to do, but when I started getting some good hard sucks my hung son started bucking in my mouth and proceeded to blow the biggest wad of cock-sauce I’ve ever seen, wowI thought, so much came out I had to pull it out of my mouth I couldn’t handle it all I tried to swallow as fast as i can but he was cumming in extremely large amount’s he must have shot 8 thick streams, it sounds rediculous I pulled it out and let him finish on my face, I was in heaven my son looked spent, couldn’t wait to have him eat his mother’shot soaking wet pussy, when he caught his breath he took hold of my pussy and drove his hot mouth and tongue right up my hot thirsty cunt, oh my he was fabulous, I think I’m getting eaten out by the best cunt licker, my pussy was on fire for my hot son, he worked his magical tongue swirling it around my hot cunt and my erect clit.

I was so dazed by his awesome tongue, I took off my top and revealed to my son what he always peeping about my huge 36DD tits. He took a look at them and said those juggs are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, there perfect absolutely firm, big dark brown areole’s awesome he say’s, then he tell’s me I’m the most sexiest woman he’s ever seen, he says I’m the most voluptuous cock hardening babe he’s had the pleasure of knowing, I thanked him for the wonderful compliments, and I told him he wasn’t so bad either, either he was handsome and his cock was bigger than his dad, he was a pure stud. after he made me cum harder than ever before, he said he wanted to put his giant monster back home, I agreed readily, couldn’t wait for that beast to come back home deep in my hot wet pussy, He promised to be gentle with me and he would not hurt me, he was such a gentlemen, slowly he started sliding his mammoth 8 inches in my pussy and slower strokes and thrust started becoming harder and faster thrust I tried to keep up with his rhythm’s, he was an incredible lover the best I ever had, my son plunged his cock deep in me balls deep his giant grapefruit like balls were beginning to bounce and slap off my butt, I never moaned like that in my life, I thought he was going to pop through my mouth,

He just kept right on pumping his mom’s hot pussy, getting fucked doggie style by his huge throbbing member was hot I started cumming again, after I finished creaming his gorgeous cock he asked If I could ride him so he could suck on and play with my gorgeous huge firm breast, I thought to myself not bad for a lady in her 40′s, my son I guess was right, I wasn’t bad for a older lady, I rode my son like there was no tomorrow, my cunt was absolutely stuffed full of giant cock-meat, he really couldn’t get a finger in my cunt he was so thick, so he just concentrated on rubbing my butt and playing with my huge juggs, I rode him for like 10 minutes then my hot son starts panting and says he’s going to blow a giant load for his hot mamma to enjoy, then out of know where cum explosion, he shot so hard and so much up my hot pussy, I lost it and cummed so much to meet his orgasm but his explosion was dwarfing mine, where he got all this cock-juice from was beyond me, I know he’s got giant balls but come on, he came for like what seemed like forever but I think it was about 2 minutes or a little more, when he finally got done flooding my pussy, he told me he was still rock hard for me, I could clearly see that.

He told then he thought my butt was the best butt he ever saw and just had to butt-fuck me, I didn’t want to dis-appoint him, but told him to be extra careful, after all it wasn’t him who was going to be getting a giant cock stuffed up his butt, He told me not to worry, he would be extremely gentle with my tight tiny hole, he proceeded to enter my butt he got about an inch and a half and I made him pull out, he needed to lubricate the fuck out of his fat beast if he was going to butt-fuck his hot mom, no prob he says, we used the juices from his cock and my cunt to lubricate the horse-cock, then he started to slowly put his monster back in my butt, it was still tight but at least it was going in, inch by luscious inch he slid that giant cock pole up my butt, he tells me my butt hole, my butt cheeks, and my butt crack are the hottest he’s ever had the pleasure of looking at and playing with.

He proceeded to put his cock all the way till his oversized balls were slapping against my butt cheeks, I felt he would not last long due to the tight-ness of my butt hole and the size of his monster cock, before I know he starts erupting a huge load of the most delicious cock-juice up my butt, I still had cum leaking out my fire hot pussy, now he’s beyond filling my tight butt, thick stream after thick stream my son was over filling my butt with his love juice, he came like 10 shots up there, when he pulled put a massive wave of cock-sauce started flooding back out my butt hole, ohhh my ??.my son was still hard shit what’s up with this guy take a break will you, after I’m still leaking absurd amount’s of cum from my cunt and butt, I still have huge globs on my chin some on my huge tits, he says to me I need to shower my huge tits with his incestuous man-cream.

So he tells me to lie down and starts to put his cock between my huge tits they were parted like the red sea, I could suck on his cock why he fucked my tits, after a few minutes he erupted spraying my juggs with thick globs of sticky cock-juice, covered my tits completely and even got a couple of good ones to splash my face, I was absolutely covered in cum, I never knew a man could have so much cum inside them, I told Milind I needed to take a shower, do you want to join me, of course he said, what a stud he is, my sex life is back and I got the hottest biggest thickest dicked son a mother could ask for. I never thought I could have such a fantastic lover and he’s got to be the best pussy eater of all time. thanks again . if any of the near by young boys & Women interested in lesbian wants to contact me , meet me or share their experience ..

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