Naughty mom

I was 14 years old when my mother and father were divorced. My mother was very young when she had me, so she was only 33 at the time of the split. I was an only child, and also a mistake, ending up in marriage. It’s a big surprise that they made it as far as they did. I can always remember them in an argument about something or other. My mother was a beautiful woman. As I grew older and began to realize that my penis was for a few things more than just pissing out of, I began to try and see my mother in different stages of undress, whenever I could. Even before my Dad left, I would sneak peaks up her skirt, or sometimes see her in just a towel, and so on. Once I started jerking off, it was even more of an effort to see more. Not long after the divorce and not long after my hard cock began to let out long streams of cum, something happened that obsessed me with Mom. She had a good job, plus was getting child support, so we didn’t live a life of poverty at least. Mom always dressed nice and smelled nice for work. I can remember one winter evening when she came home and was very tired and had a touch of the flu. She had stopped and gotten me a couple of hamburgers on the way home, since she was too sick to cook.

She locked the door behind her and she pulled up a chair. She asked me to sit on the chair. I sat down and my mom sat down on my lap facing me. She made sure my cock was in her pussy before we started kissing. We kissed each other and fucked each other slowly. She got up and went to the bed. She lay down and told me to lay down behind her. I fucked her from behind. She turned her neck and kissed me while I was grasping her breasts. I told her that I want to fuck her doggy style. She went into position and I rammed my cock into her ass. She told me that she wanted me to ram her strong. I did what she told me and she told me to stop after a few minutes. I asked her if I could fuck her in her pussy. She guided my cock back into her pussy and I fucked her harder and harder.

“I am going to cum!” I shouted.

“Cum in me son. I want you to make me pregnant. We will raise our baby. Your sister will be your daughter.” she said I released my cum into her and I felt so proud.

“Mom, will you marry me?” I asked.

Night. I can see baba can not even see at her eyes not even in my eyes. He sat on sofa and maa go to the kitchen to prepare milk. Mukesh then ordered her to keep the door open that both of her son and her husband can see the legal rape of their mother and wife respectively. Maa then has nothing to say as she know that her body is going to be explored by some one else other than her husband. She keeps the glass on the table and stand in front of the bed. Mukesh drink the whole milk. Then he at first takes some time to see my mother’s red colored saree covered body. Maa was wearing a green colored blouse. I was so ashamed about the fact that my mother is going to be fucked by someone who is a 62 year old man. Mukesh then stand up and take of his dhoti and kurta. Then he removed his underwear to become full nude. As an old man he has his hairs on body became white colored. Even the hair on the above portion of cock also has some white color in it. But his cock is not small with his age. I am surprised to see that it is about 7 inches long still. Maa became afraid to see a big man naked in front of her. Mukesh then told maa to suck his cock. Maa take his order as she has to. She sat on floor on her knees. And held his cock in her hand. Keeping her eyes closed she put the cock inside her mouth and started sucking it for almost 5 to 10 minutes.

Mukesh then hold the knot of her hair and untied it to fall up to her waist. It is nice to watch that my 49 year old mother is dancing her head front and back to suck a 62 year old cock. Mukesh was moaning like aaaaaahhh ahh aaaiiiihhhhhhaaaaaaah uuufffff, samita swettyyyyyyy love my cock randddddiiiiii, teri maaaaaa kiiii ohhhhhh. then after some time he stop moaning as I can see maa is trying to keep that cock out of her mouth but Mukesh strong fully held her head from back don’t allow her to keep it out side of her mouth. I can assume Mukesh is cumming in her mouth like a flood, as some bit of cum came out of the sides of her mouth. After some time he makes free my mother from her cock. Maa almost Daddy,” Latha whimpered. Rathinam got a bit bolder and planted a series of gentle kisses on her cheeks. Latha shuddered feeling a man’s lips on her silken skin. Rathinam’s tongue popped out and began stroking underneath her ears and further down on the side of her neck.

“Oh Daddy,” Latha hushed. Rathinam’s left hand gradually tightened its grip on her young tender left breast. His thumb began exploring the globe searching for her nipple.

“Does it hurt?” Rathinam asked for which Latha didn’t answer. He resumed kissing her and after letting his daughter feel him breathe hot, his lips reached out to hers and pressed gently against them. Latha realized that she was enjoying his kiss and couldn’t resist her temptation to kiss him in return. Rathinam’s excitement became immediately evident as he began gripping his daughter tighter and started pulling her much closer to him. Soon, they were inside a very passionate embrace. Rathinam’s hands moved all over her back and front while Latha sat like a doll without resisting. She realized that her father was kissing her harder as his tongue was getting thrust into her mouth. Latha began feeling like a real woman as she experienced the first tingle in her crotch as her hands landed on her father’s enormous bulge accidentally.

“I am seeing that you love this,” Rathinam said with a smile. His fingers.

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