Mom, Dad & Me

Hi. Friends. I am Raj from Delhi. I am a regular reader of incest stories and now I am narrating my own incest sexperience. Dad is a timber businessman aged 47 with an

athletic body. Mom is a housewife aged 42 with a killer body. My parents are conservative folks. They are down to earth not ,very expressive.

I always had a special eye for mom. She is so sexy with 34dd boobs , a round ass and hairy armpits. Whenever she went out for some work, I used to open her wardrobe and search for her bra and even wore her silk panty. Whenever she bent I would stare her ass from behind hoping to enter it one day. But I knew this was impossible.

One night we all went to a party where dad got a bit drunk and even mom had a peg or two. On our way home I drove the car as mom and dad were both drunk. From the back view mirror I could see dad hugging mom and kissing her. Mom was also responding. Then dad planted a kiss on her rosy lips. It was electrifying. Under the impression of liquor they even forgot that I was driving.

When we reached home mom & dad dashed off to their rooms and shut the door, I knew what was going to happen. I went to my room to change when my dad roared “ Raj come here”. I was scared and went to their bedroom. Both my parents had beers in their hands. Dad said “ I am going to Canada for a month, take this handy cam and film how I fuck your mom so that I can take it with me.” I was speechless hearing this and couldn’t believe it. I took the handy cam.

Mom was wearing a beautiful pink saree and was looking really hot. Dad was in his bathing gown.He came near mom and gave her a long, juicy smooch.Then he removed her saree and she was in her blouse and petticoat looking like a fairy. Then he started massaging her huge boobs without removing the blouse and she was moaning oooooouuuuuu aaaaaa. She was really aroused. Dad played with her boobs and kissed every part of her face. She was loving it. I was filming everything.

Then he started unbuttoning her blouse as her milky boobs were dying to get free. She was wearing a very fancy red bra. Dad again massaged he boobs and played with them like a kid. She moaned hard “eeeee dard ho raha hai aaaaa dheere dabao”. He removed her petticoat and revealed her sky-blue panties. I was nearly trembling with what I was seeing. He kissed her passionately. Then he removed her bra and her milky boobs sprang out. Oh what a sight. Nice round boobs with huge brown tits. Dad licked the tits and bit them. She cried “ ooooooo aaa dheere”. He kissed every pore of her boobs. I was having a hard on.

He slid his hand inside her panties and started fingering her. She sighed “ haaaaan bus kao ooooo dheere dard hota hai kkkkk” . He slid her panty down and her bushy cunt was first time seen by me. She was completely naked in front of me. I was already wet.

They kissed vehemently for a couple of minutes. Mom removed his bath gown and his 7 inch thick cock was revealed. She placed her right hand over it and massaged it. Then she kneeled down and started giving him a blow job. She sucked hard and his size was increasing. He moaned “ aaaa aur chooso iiiiiiii mazaa aa raha hai” . She sucked harder while playing with his balls. She was now really hot and ready to be laid.

Then she got up and laid on the bed as dad parted her legs and buried his face between her thigs and licking her choot. She moaned heavily “ ooooaannnnn aur aur jjjjj .” He was licking hard and her red cunt hole was dripping.

Then he got up and placed her legs on his shoulders and started rubbing his cock against her choot and said “ aaj toh bahut mazaa aayega, khoob chodoonga”. Mom said “ jaldee daalo ab raha nahin jaata, mujhe zoor se chodo”. I was shocked at hearing such words from my parents.

Then he started inserting his cock inside her clit. First he was slow but then went faster. The whole bed was shaking. She moaned “ aaaa dheere daalo ooooo bahut dard ho raha hai eeeeeee .” But dad went faster, his whole dick was inside her and his balls were hitting against her pussy walls making a plop sound. He thrusted his cock deeper and she moaned and moaned “ bas ab nahin aaaaa bahut ho gaya ooooo choot phat jayegee”.

The he said “ tumhe kutiyaa kee tereh chodoonga” and entered her from behind pushing hard. Mom was screaming “ aaaa eeeeee .” Dad went faster.The whole bed was shaking as if an earthquake had hit it. As he got tired his speed decreased. He lay flat on the bed. Mom got up and placed his dick near her clit and moved up and down. She was riding him while her boobs were bouncing. She went faster. His cock was going in and out of her pussy. She got up and again started sucking his dick. He moaned “ oooo kya baat hai eee aur chooso”. She sucked harder. Dad cried “ aaaa I am going to cum oooo kahan chahiye”. She took the lund out of her mouth and placed it on her left tit. Dad shot a huge load of cum which covered both her tits.

They were both exhausted and fell asleep in a few seconds.

I went back to my room wondering what had happened today, I was shell-shocked.

The next morning when my parents regained their senses they knew what a big mistake they had committed. The whole day no one spoke a word. Then mom and dad came to my room and dad said “ Raj, what happened shouldn’t have happened but now there is nothing to hide. You have seen everything.” Mom was very ashamed and left the room.

I was scared but asked dad “ Can I also join you two ????????” . Dad said “I don’t mind but your mom wouldn’t agree”

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