Jessica Has a Terrible Itch


Jessica could remember way, way back to when she was just a little girl. All she ever wanted was to be a good little girl. She always did exactly what she was told. She respected her father and obeyed her mother’s instructions to the letter. In school, she was the pretty blond girl who sat up in the first seat and generally knew the answers to all the questions the teacher asked to see who was really learning the lessons. The pastor loved to see her smiling face in church on Sunday and her innocent demeanor and attentive attitude was an inspiration to all the other children.

But as inevitably as the sun rising in the morning, things change, and the simple fact is….Jessica grew up.

She was a bit of a late bloomer and it was not until shortly after her 17 th birthday that Jessica discovered the overwhelming needs of her female slit. Up until that time, it was there primarily for her to make her pee pee and disturb her monthly with periodic unpleasantness. Suddenly, when Johnny Henderson took it in his head to stick his hand under her gown in choir practice, she discovered a whole new reason for the existence of her private little garden between her legs. She was ready to let him have a piece of her mind right after the hymn was finished but somewhere about the third verse, she forgot completely why she was upset. The fumbling boy had managed to hit her sweet spot and she was still vibrating from the unexpected orgasm that convulsed her body from head to toe.

The nasty boy was surprised how Jessica just nodded to him after his little exploration and he was a bit astonished to find his fingers were dripping with sticky female juices. He wiped them off on his choir gown and hoped his mother didn’t catch the scent of pussy on his hands when they drove home in the station wagon.

That very evening, Jessica hurried to finish her homework and scurried out to the detached garage to ask her older brother Todd some questions about those things her mother neglected to tell her. She trusted Todd because he was a sort of geek and didn’t really know how to talk to girls. He really was more interested in his computer and the silly games he played ceaselessly night and day.

He was stretched out on his cot looking at the TV he had built into the ceiling.

She saw it was the silly reality show with the girls who were wrestling with each other in stupid things like gelatin or chocolate that looked like mud. It was pretty obvious he was enjoying it because his tucked away cock was sticking right up into the air. He was annoyed at the interruption but smiled when he saw it was her.

“Todd, a boy put his fingers into my pussy today at church and it felt real good. Does that make me a bad girl or is it just the way things are supposed to be?”

Her brother laughed and his erection flopped around like a wild pony. He saw his sister staring at it and his face got a little red but he didn’t try to hide it.

“Listen, sis, guys are always going to be doing things like that even a lot worse, so don’t let it bother you.”

“What do you mean a lot worse? Like putting their thing between my legs and stuff like that?”

“Didn’t mom tell you about the birds and the bees? I know you saw those books in biology that showed you where the boy’s cocks are supposed to go.”

Jessica thought about it and had to admit she did have a pretty good idea of the logistics of “getting it” but just had never thought about cocks doing it to her in her private place.

“Todd, can I ask you a big favor? Will you please put your thing between my legs and show me how it will feel. We don’t have to really do it. Just practice a little so I can do it without fumbling all around.”

Her bother jumped up and latched the garage door and told Jessica to get on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

She was suddenly scared but followed his orders exactly. Her knees were shaking and she wondered if she should pull her panties down to make it seem more realistic.

When she saw her brother’s huge cock, she wanted to chicken out, but her curiosity got the better of her and she just opened her legs a bit wider. The feel of her brother’s muscular legs rubbing on the inside of her soft female legs made her pussy juices flow strong. She allowed her hands to cup his lean cheeks and pushed him up tight against her female slit. The hard cock slid up and down the length of her slit and the felt the helmet rub right up on her clitoris setting her pucker hole to quivering non-stop.

“I can tell you like it there, sis, hump your pussy up higher and get some more.”

Jessica did what she was told and it was like a little slice of heaven. She wished she had taken her panties off now so she could feel the skin of his cock on her pussy mound.

Right about then, Todd slid his hand around behind her and pushed his middle finger right up into her pucker hole.

Jessica gasped and went into an immediate orgasm that was both intense and unstoppable.

Her brother was laughing at her but it wasn’t a nasty laugh, it was more of a knowing laugh showing enjoyment of her reaction.

“Sis, I think you are one of those girls who like to take it up the ass!”

Jessica was mortified.

“Todd, I would never do anything so dirty. Father Girard told us it was a mortal sin to take boy’s cocks back there. He said it was unnatural and not the right place to put a cock.”

Her brother laughed and massaged her pretty ass cheeks with both of his large strong hands. It felt real good to Jessica and she pushed her ass up high to allow him to get good leverage on her ass flesh.

“That feels really nice, Todd, do all girls like to have their ass rubbed like that?”

He chuckled and started to massage her pussy slit as well.

“They like it pretty well, sis, but I think most girls like getting their pussy rubbed better. In fact, most girls want to get their pussy licked and kissed even more than on the mouth.”

“That is disgusting, Todd, why would a boy want to kiss or lick my little pussy? I think it would tickle way too much and I would be so embarrassed if they didn’t like me down there.”

Her brother started to slide her panties down and now Jessica was starting to get agitated and nervous because all of the sex stuff was getting a bit complicated for her. But as soon as her brother’s lips touched her already wet vaginal opening, she bit her finger and started to whine like a silly little puppy looking for its mama. The little flicks of his demanding tongue made her jump like a puppet on a string and she held his head in place with both of her hot little hands. Her juices started to flow out around his lips and ran back to tickle her pucker hole with tantalizing slowness.

“Oh, Todd, I don’t think we are supposed to be doing this. I hope you locked that door good and tight because I certainly don’t want mom or dad to catch me being eaten by my own brother.”

The insistent tongue worked its way deep insider her vaginal tract and Todd noted her hymen was already torn in a couple of places and only some remnants remained. He pushed past it and gave Jessica the full treatment just like he saw the girls getting it on his porn videos. It was so nice to see her pretty little pussy trembling on the point of his tongue waiting for more of his frenzied explorations. Todd figured his sister probably got her cherry busted riding the ponies at their uncle’s farm just outside of town. They had all went riding horses right after Jessica’s 16 th birthday as a special treat. She was always jumping up and down in the saddle and acting like she loved every minute of it.

When she put her hands up like she was completely surrendering to his will, he pushed her legs open wider and bent forward to spit noisily right into her already saliva and female juice dampened slit.

Jessica heard and watched her brother lubricate her vagina with his spit. She was aghast at how he was treating her special private place like she was a bad girl and needed to be taught a lesson. She did feel like a bad girl and she loved how she felt. Right at this instant, she wanted to be a very bad girl.

Her brother told her to put her hands behind her knees and pull her legs up nice and high. She knew her soaking pussy and her quivering brown eye were both right in front of his eyes and she loved how naughty she felt showing him all of her secrets.

The touch of his rock-hard cock on her swollen pubes made her whimper in anticipation. The steady pressure soon spread her slit wide open and she let his cock slide inside holding her breath all the way. Jessica was dreadfully afraid of screaming out her pleasure and bringing their parents running to her rescue.

Todd pumped her pussy hard and then slacked off while she caught her breath. Then he took up the pace and accelerated his pounding until she succumbed to the throes of a fantastic orgasm writhing under his muscular body. She remembered shouting out over and over that she loved him, she loved his cock, and for him to never stop doing it to her.

The flood of creamy cum sprayed out all over her tummy and her boobs. Her brother had pulled out just before coming because he didn’t want his own sister to be a mother of his child. That would be a terrible predicament and one that he didn’t even want to contemplate.

Jessica was still panting with the exertion of the coupling and she had a great sense of satisfaction and benign generosity in meeting any and all of her brother’s demands.

While she was still in a puddle of cum, he leaned down and whispered in her ear,

“That is lesson #1, little sis, I am going to save your ass training for lesson #2. I want your little pucker hole nice and clean tomorrow night because you are going to get your very first ass-fucking and the one you will always remember the best of all.”

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