Introduction: This is a ficticious account of me and my grandpa. However, I did have a 10 year incestuous affair with my dad, and knew for a fact, that grandpa liked little girls, too. Hope you enjoy.
The car was rocking slightly, as daddy pumped his cock in and out of my pre-teen pussy. My legs were spread wide, one foot resting up in the back window of dad’s old Pontiac, the other propped up on the front seat, as daddy plowed into my pink, bald pussy. It didn’t hurt anymore, thank goodness. In fact, after 5 years of him working on getting his cock inside me, it was finally beginning to feel good. I didn’t mind so much having daddy’s cock deep inside me, pushing in and out of me while he licked and sucked my small puffy nipples. The smell of sex filled the car, and daddy’s heavy breathing was in rhythm with his deep, long strokes. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I felt the warm ooze of his cum filling me. But daddy didn’t get to finish this time. A hard rap on the back window started us both….

It was grandpa! We had been on our way over to visit grandpa who lived out in the country, nearly 15 miles from town. Dad had stopped about a mile before reaching his house, pulling off the dirt road onto a side road. He killed the engine before pulling me into the back seat for a quick fuck. I never knew where or when the urge would hit dad, but since we had started having intercourse and I was finally able to take all of his cock up inside my small pussy, he seemed to want it more often and for longer periods of time. He was pumping me for all he was worth, my head hitting the inside of the car door with each forward thrust, when grandpa’s knock stopped us dead in our tracks!

“Lil man? What are you doing?”, grandpa asked my dad, with a big ass grin on his face. (That’s what grandpa always called my daddy, “Lil Man”). Dad turned and sat up, breathing heavy, his cock rock hard and pulsating between his legs. After seeing who it was, dad chuckled softly, shaking his head “well, I was trying to get a piece of pussy”, and they both laughed as dad opened to door to talk to grandpa.. He zipped up, and reached over to fondle my pink, wet slit as he and grandpa talked. It was apparent that grandpa wasn’t a bit shocked or bothered by the fact that he just caught his son fucking his grand-daughter. And even more surprising, is how calm dad was about the whole thing! It was like a silent code had finally been brought out into the light between the two. Dad got out of the car, and just left me there all open and displayed, my legs still open wide, while he and grandpa stood next to the car in what seemed to be an intense conversation. Occasionally they would glance over to view my pussy as I begin to touch myself, sliding my finger along my swollen clit. Daddy always liked to watch me masturbate, giving me instructions on just how and where to touch my pink, bald pussy to make it feel good.

I could hear daddy telling grandpa that he and I had been lovers since I was five, and that I was the best fuck he’d ever had. I could tell grandpa was immensely interested in each word dad had to say, and I noticed how grandpa would brush his hand down on his crotch a couple of times, an obvious bulge growing there. In just a bit, daddy reached back inside the back seat, taking my hand and helping me out of the car. He told me that I was to go with grandpa, that grandpa wanted to spend some time with his favorite granddaughter, and daddy said he’d come to pick me up the next day. I was a bit scared, as I had never been alone with grandpa, ever. I really didn’t know him that well. We had never had much “one-on-one” time, talking, visiting, or otherwise. But I knew better than to argue with daddy, so I pulled my panties and shorts back on, and went to get into grandpa’s old truck. Dad and grandpa shook hands, and daddy drove off and left me there with my grandpa.

We drove back to grandpa’s house, my pussy still a bit sore from the fucking dad had given me just a few short minutes earlier. I was nervous, to say the least. Grandpa was trying to make small talk, but I just kind of nodded, agreeing to whatever he was saying. We pulled up at the house, and grandpa told me to go on in and make myself at home.

I went into the living room and sat on a big couch, kind of checking out the decor of his bachelor pad. Grandpa had been divorced from his last wife (my step-grandmother) for almost 2 years, so his house was in bad need of a good cleaning. I finally heard the front door open as grandpa came in, a small package in his hands. He came and sat next to me on the couch, laying the package on the small end table next to us. He scooted closer and wrapped on arm around my shoulder/neck area, and he asked me directly “So, would you like for grandpa to make you feel really good? Would you like to mess around with your grandpa like you and your daddy do?” He chuckled as I just nodded a bit, and took his free hand and began to massage and play with my titties. He told me to take my shirt off, that I would be much more comfortable. I did not wear a bra yet, so immediately my small, puffy pink areolas were at his disposal, and he leaned over to kiss each one tenderly. Then he licked each one with his large, rough tongue. I shivered involuntarily, and grandpa asked me if I was cold. I told him no, but he said that perhaps we’d be warmer up in his bedroom upstairs. He took my hand and led me up the stairs, and into his sparsely decorated room.

An old rickety bed was in the middle of the room, a dresser to the side, and an old rocking chair next to it. We walked over and he sat me on the edge of his bed. He began to unbuckle his pants, pulling them down and off into a heap piled on the floor. Grandpa wore the same kind of briefs as dad did. Grandpa was slimmer than daddy, a bit frailer, but his cock seemed much bigger. My eyes probably bugged out as grandpa slid his briefs off his narrow hips and his engorged cock sprang out like a huge coil in front of my face! He unbuttoned his shirt, and then he took a few steps toward me, stroking his cock slowly.

“Lorrie, you want to suck grandpa’s cock?” I looked up at him, and he bent over slowly to kiss my cheek, then he took my face into his big, rough hands and placed his lips firmly on mine, kissing me deeply. Daddy would not kiss me very long or very passionately on the lips, so this was a bit unfamiliar to me. As I sat there on the bed, my face tilted up to his, we kissed for quite some time. Grandpa would suck on my tongue, lick my lips, gently bite my lower lip. He must have chewed some peppermint candy or gum, cause his breath was really fresh. His lips were very soft and supple. I was really enjoying this new form of intimacy I must say, for a 68 year old man, he was the most erotic kisser I have ever had. Even to this day, I can think about grandpa’s deep, wet kisses and before long, my pussy is drenching with my own juices.

Abruptly, grandpa stood up, and stepped even closer, his hands still cupping my small face, and the head of his cock bumped against my swollen lips. I instantly opened my mouth just as he rocked forward, taking the head of his hard cock between my moist lips, sliding past my teeth and on into the wet darkness of my waiting mouth. Dad had taught me how to suck a man’s cock, and although it was not one of my favorite things to do, I tried to do it as best I could for daddy, because I knew it made him feel so good. I had to open my mouth very wide, as grandpa’s cock was much thicker than daddy’s, and as grandpa pulled back a bit, I tried to circle his shaft with my soft tongue, just like daddy had instructed me to do to him. Grandpa suddenly grabbed tighter onto the sides of my head/ face, and pushed forward harder the next time, and I thought I was going to choke. I felt him touch the back of my throat with his cock. I tried to flinch back, to pull back off of his fuck tool, but grandpa was much stronger than me, and he only pulled my face closer to him. I felt his hardness begin to slide down my throat. I gagged and choked. I tried to push his hands off from my head, but it was no use. He began to push harder still, and I could feel more of his thick meat enter my throat. I couldn’t breathe. His cock was lodged in my throat and I thought I would be sick as I felt my gag reflexes causing my small body to jolt and jerk violently. Finally, grandpa pulled back a bit, and I gasped for a few deep breaths of air, thick saliva dripped down my chin in ropy strings, my face was red, my eyes watering.

Grandpa then grabbed a hand full of hair in each fist, and pushed back into my abused mouth, saying “That’s it, baby girl, swallow grandpa’s cock like a good lil slut”, and back down my throat he forced his hot, swollen tool. I tried to relax, as I knew I was no match for him. It seemed the more I relaxed, the easier it was to swallow his cock. He began a slow rhythm of fucking my face, and I would take deep breaths each time he pulled his cock out of my throat. He used very dirty language, words I had never heard my grandpa say in all my 10 years of knowing him. “Suck my cock, you dirty lil whore”, “Baby girl loves the taste of grandpa’s fucking cock, doesn’t she”, “Grandpa loves fucking your face, babygirl….ahhhh yes, fucking that tight throat feels so damn good!” I just keep trying to remember to breath when he pulled back up and out a little, until finally he pulled all the way out, his cock leaving my lips as I coughed and gasped for breath. Grandpa walked over to the dresser where he reached for that same package he had carried into the living room down stairs, and pulled something small out. It was a condom, but I didn’t even know what a condom was.

He told me to lie back on the bed, and as I did, he commenced to pulling my shorts and panties off in one quick swoop. I was now totally naked in front of my grandpa, and he just stood there for a few minutes, taking in my small nude form. His leaned over to brush one hand down my flat little tummy, and then over the puffy bald mound at the juncture of my thighs. He pushed my legs apart, and then moved up onto the bed, placing his head between my legs, kissing my pink slit in much the same way he had kissed my mouth: licking, kissing, nibbling, sucking. He tucked both of his arms under my little thighs, his hands cupping my ass, and pulled my cunt up closer to his hungry mouth. I was moaning and twitching and clutching at the bedspread with my little fists as grandpa carried me through my first orgasm with his hot mouth. His tongue delved deeply into my sweet little pussy, tasting his own grand-daughter’s hole for the first time. He chuckled against my hot cunt as he could feel my body shudder out an orgasm, quite pleased with himself, I’m sure. His efforts to bring his sexy young grand-daughter to a climax had succeeded.

To my disappointment, his hot mouth left my fuckhole, and he trailed his lips upward, back to my tits, sucking and licking and nipping at the soft little mounds. He then sit back up a bit, and I watched as grandpa slipped a condom onto his now raging hard cock! I asked him what that was, and he explained that he wanted to wear a condom so that he wouldn’t get me pregnant. Grandpa didn’t know that at 10, I had not yet started my periods, but that was good that he was looking out for my welfare. He leaned forward after placing the rubber on his hardness, and while balancing his weight with one arm, he took his swollen cock and guided it to my now drenching, hot pussy.

He pushed and watched as his tool slowly entered into his young, tight granddaughter. Inch by inch I felt grandpa go inside me, and stretch me fully, a bit uncomfortable at the onstart, but slowly as he pushed further in, a hot need begin to build inside me. My pussy was pulsating around his thick shaft, and grandpa gave one strong thrust to bury himself deep inside my waiting slickness. He sighed heavily, and then said “Ohhhhhh, babygirl……grandpa hasn’t had a tight pussy in soooo longggg!!!” And he begin to set his pace. The old mattress grandpa slept on begin to creek and sqeak as he rode me. He would almost completely withdraw his cock from my pussy, before slamming it all the way back home! Our pelvic bones would bump into each others as he would fill my cunt with his raging hot thickness. I wrapped both legs around grandpa’s back, just like I would do dad’s, and I dug into his backside as he plunged into my slick canal. Grandpa might have been older, but he was not lacking in stamina or endurance. He fucked me like he hadn’t fucked in 20 years!! Long, powerful strokes!!!! My little baby cunt was so bruised and sore and so stretched…..

After what seemed to be an eternity, grandpa’s body finally tensed as he shot what felt like quarts of cum into my cunny. He kissed me deeply and I felt his hot semen fill me, our tongues entangled in a lover’s kiss, my arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders/neck. He stayed buried in me for several minutes, then pulled out and rolled over, pulling me over on top of his chest, his arms wrapped lovingly around me. When our breaths returned to normal, our bodies relaxed, grandpa squeezed his new young lover affectionately, and said “I hope your dad doesn’t come too early to get you tomorrow. We have so much catching up to do” And we both laughed and I cuddled closer to my sexy grandpa, eagerly anticipating the next few hours.


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