family camping trip

Anna and her family sat at the table eating dinner. “i can’t wait for our camping trip tomarrow.” anna said with joy in her voice as she was think of all the thing they would all see and do together. “anna about the trip, ” her mother looked at her and said “i can’t go on the camping trip with you sorry,but i have a lot of work to do and i have to be in the office all weekened i’m sorry sweety i know you looked forward all month for this trip. your father and i dicussed this with your brother way at football camp this will give you and your father a couple of days to hang out and get to know each other alittle more ok.” her mother made it sound like she diddn’t even have a choice in the matter.
thats ok she thought i have plans of my own and she smiled at both her parents and followed her statement with a “cool.” her dad said thats my girl and gave her a patt on the leg were her mother could see what he was doing and a little higher then a fatherly patt should be. that fatherly patt just reinforced anna’s plans on what she would do on this trip. she didn’t know how she would do it but all she know was that the end result would be her fucking her father.
after dinner anna went to her room and started packing for the camping trip she and her father would be taking early tomarrow morning. as she was putting some close in her duffle pack pack she would take her father intered her room. “hi sweety how are you doing ok i hope well i see your packing i just wanted to let you know i couldn’t get our old campsite but i’m told this on is better and i was told we have to hick there so pack light and bring only what you can carry well i’m going to be i’ll see you in the morning.” before she could answer he left the room and went to his room.
anna took her fathers advise and packed only what she needed and do the fact that her mother would not be going this gave her the perfect opertunity to put her plane in action and if her plan did work then she would need all of her normal close. so anna packed light and had her bag packed for tomarrow morning. before she went to be she dressed in what she would were to go hiking in tomarrow. she put on a pair of strechy short shorts that were so short her ass checks were falling out and it round up into her pussy and a cut of shirt so short that if she lifted her arms up her tits would pop out the bottom of the shit. this will surely get him rock hard. anna thought to herself as she crawled into bed and fell fast asleep. tomarrow was going to be a long day.

“anna, anna wake up sweety it time for use to go your mother just left for work and if we don’t want to get stuck in traffic we better get goin ok sweet heart.” her father said as he woke her up from a sound sleeep. she streched and rubbed her eyes to wake up. we through back the covers as her father left her bed side to walk to the door. “oh by the way sweet hear you look great.” he said with a smile on his face. anna followed his gase and said “thank you daddy.” and smiled back at him while pulling down her shirt. she must have moved her shirt up when she streched this moringin.
the bags were packed and the two of them were off on there camping trip.

the drive seemed to take all day, but anna didn’t mind at all. it gave her time to think of how she was going to suduce her dad into fucking her. he thought about on the hike she would wallk in front of him just to give him a little tesas and to see how he takes it. then maybe while there setting up camp maybe fondaling him at this point nothing was surtine of what would happen on this trip. when her father finally parked the car and announed that they were there she decided she would just roll with it this weekend and looks for what pops up.
they both got out of the car and gathered there supplies up and started up the mountine to the new camp site they would be staying at. anna let her father take the lead for awhile until she know where she was going then she would jump in fornt. “how long of a hike is it and what is diffrent about this one then our old campsite, besides the hiking part of it.” anna asked her father. “well its a little father up then our other one. its totally isolated and it has a lake.” he aswered her. as she got him distracted with answering her questions she passed him on the trail this was the right time she was going to take it.
“wow its so hot father how much longer do you think it is form here” she said to her father as she climbed over a couple of big bolders making sure to take a wide step because she new her father was looking at her pussy and that made her wetter then she already was at the moment. “not that much longer sweety almost there and don’t forget about that lake that we have all to ourselfs just you and me.” he said to her.
man if we don’t get to the top soon i’m going to loose my mind if i can’t have her here and now that nice little as and those purky tits have me harder then these bolders were climbing over annas father thought tohimself.
anna reached the top of the little hill of bolders they climbed and she say the most gorgeous site she has ever seen there campsite. “aaah we made it finnaly and i see we have a park bench table good we wount have to eat on the floor the whole week.” as he said as he grabed his daughter by the waste and gave her a little squeze. she in return leaned over making sure she rubbed her boob against his arm and gave him a kiss on the check. “well kiddo what do you say about getting this tent set up so we can rest and not have to worry about it later ok.” he started waking forwards and laided his gear out and up packed the tent.
“anna this is a new tent so if you have anyquestion fill free to ask them ok.” he said to her as he ponded the staks into the ground. the sides whent together with out a hit. then came the part of putting the two ends together and this was anna’s oppertuntiy to play dumb and to play with her father. “daddy can you come and help me i don’t get how these are supposed to together.” anna said with a little smile on her face. her father knew better and decided to go on with his daughters little game. “ok baby.” he said as he walked around the tent to stand right behind her “ok see that pole on the ground pick it up” she bent over and with her feet shoulder with apart bent over to pick up the pole and she made sure she rubed agaist her fathers leg with her crouch. when she did so she let out a little moan of pleasure. and came back up with the pole in her hand and when she did she rubed her as against her fathers groain “this one father,” anna said with an innocent look on her face.
it took a couple seconds before he could speak. his daughter was driving him nuts and i he was using all his control not to rip all her clothes off and fuck her right then and there. “yes that on now put it in this one and then were all done.” she did as she was told and turned around and gave him a quick peck on the lips, and spun and headed for the lake. “come on dad come take a swim with me will you no one is around and it so hot it will feel so good.” she told him as she striped teased infront of him and then backed up into the cool lake. he followed her lead and striped as he walked toward and into the lake.
he swam out to meet her in the middle of the lake and to play on her fears to see what kind of reaction he would get he told her” you know the only thing you need to whatch out for are snakes.” now she knew there were no snake in this lake so she played along with him, so she imediatly she swam closer to him and hung on for dear life around his neck she also put her legs around his was and made contact. with wide eyes she said “daddy i think there is a snake between us” she said.
his only respons was “you bet there is and hes only got on eye so he wont hurt you. you just relax and he’ll let you play with him.” she placed her arms and legs around her father. the water between them made her tits float and her nipples come to beady little heads. she through her head back at the sinsation but nothing came out of her. when she lifter her head back her father looked at her as he started to walk out of the lake with is horny daughter in his arms and said “honey there is no one around you just go right ahead and scream when you orgasim.”
anna’s father placed a finger at the entrence of her soping wet pussy. she gave a little moan and squarmend in his arms. she pushed forward and he felt a berrior and his eyes flew open. “i though you and your troy were sleeping together.” he said to her as he fingered her some more happy he would be the one to take his daughters virginity. all ann could do was shack her head no at that small gesture he inserted another finigure in the pussy. his in and out strokes were causing her cum to run down his palm.
he set her on the park bench table and she let go of her father. he steped back to look at his loving daughter. “daddy can i ask you a question is it going to hurt when you put your cock into me?” “a little sweety but it will go away so fast and then your going to be beging for more ok.” he said with a big smile. all she could do was squirm under is gaze and watch his dick increase 2 inches. it already looked big at 9inches now it was 11 inches she had no clue how she was going to take her father.
“are you ready baby.” he said as he postioned his huge cock infront of his daughters pussy. he slowly intered then pulled back out. then he entered a little more this time. anna through her head back and let out a moan. every time her father pulled out he would bush another inch in untill he hit her barriour. then he waited till she orgazimed and was starting to milk his cock with ther pussy walls. then as she griped him he shoved hard breaking and through. anna sceamed at the top of her lungs from the mix of pain and pleasure that her own father was giving her.
he waited awhile till he felt her start to grind agents him and he slowly started to move in and out of her tight cunt. both of them moaned as they were fucking. he soon found out his daughter was a screamer while she was fucked by a huge cock. “wow daddy you have a great cock” she stated between screams of pleassure. ” yes daddy, yesss, harder deepper yes daddy that it oooooooooo mmmmmmmm.” he could feel is daughter’s wet cunt start to tighten making him come closer to his edge “oh hunney your pussy is so tight i can barley move in you mmmmmmmmmmmm.” when she locked her legs abound her fathers waste and arched her back while tasing her head form side to side. he let his cock explode in her and let out is on moan for her.
the layed there on the table until both of them came back to earth. anna’s father leaned up and slowly pulled his limp dick from his daughts wet cunt. he laid neck there to ketch his breath. anna rolled over and off the table to come around between her fathers legs and bent over to clean his cock off from a combination of both of ther comes. she looked up at him and asked “is mommying going to know about this daddy?” “no honey that is going to be our little secret and tomarrow i have a suprise for you honey, this is going to be the best camping trip of your life.” he said to his daughter as he pulled her up on the table and postioned her over his cock once angain and insturcted her that she was in full control.
the two of them fucked the rest of the day exploring each other. this was the best camping trip that either of them ever had.

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