Please Put On A Bra

In all the previous stories I posted on Literotica about my wife Maria, I realized I never really explained how she got started in exhibitionism. A few years ago both of my sons were still living at home after graduating from high school. Maria worked full time as a public school teacher.Maria would follow the same routine everyday after coming home from work. She would check the mail and then walk into the house. Maria would go into our bedroom, drop her briefcase and everything else onto Read more [...]

My Mother’s Vertical Smile

A month ago I was sitting in my bedroom with my feet up on my desk. I noticed the smell of something burning in the air. At first, I thought the fire department was setting controlled burns in the foothills behind my house. The odor of melted insulation and plastic got my attention.I looked out the window to see my Mom's car on fire. I ran down the hallway into my parent's bedroom looking for my mother. She wasn't in the bedroom but I saw the bathroom door partially closed.I pushed the door Read more [...]

Bare Shoulders and Chantilly Lace

Most people have never heard of Nye county. We are the third largest county in Nevada but only have about 43,000 people living inside county lines. Our claim to fame is the nuclear waste disposal site inside of Yucca Mountain and the government's huge test range. If you ever visit here, the only thing you will see is over 18,000 square miles of desert.The vast tracts of asphalt highways within Nye County have been featured as back drops in a lot of movies. My mother Claudia and I have lived Read more [...]

"Klipity Klop, Klipity Klop"

Prelude: Podiatrists say that wearing high heel shoes will destroy the arch in a woman's foot and lead to back pain. Despite the warnings, women like my mom wear high heeled shoes. Her shoes make a distinctive noise as she walks across hard surfaces. Guys instinctively look in the direction of the sound of the footsteps. They stare at her chest as her breasts bounce from the impact energy inside the cups of her bra. The best part is when she walks past. The high heeled shoe exaggerates hip Read more [...]

Fondling My Mother’s Breasts

Staying married for the sake of a child is a horrible reason to stay married. As long as I can remember, my parents fought with each other. At first, the arguments were about money. When my parents both got good paying jobs they found other reasons to spar with each other.When I was little, I thought all parents fought like my parents. As I got older, I realized that constantly yelling at each other wasn't normal nor was making insulting comments about one another in front of other people. Read more [...]

The Loving Mom

Trudy cleaned off her desk as she got ready to go home for the day. Her legal secretary Emily Francis, had already gone. She was really grateful for Emily, not only was she an excellent legal secretary, but she had become a good friend since the death of her husband Jim. Jim had hired Emily originally when they had opened up their law practice together and had lived a happy and full life. Jim had been a defense lawyer, and she took care of all the things needed in a small town. There was always Read more [...]

Linda’s Lover

When Sean arrived home that afternoon he glanced out into the garden and unexpectedly saw his mother lying on the sunlounger. Sean was surprised to see his mother there at that time of day since she normally worked in the afternoons, but it wasn't the fact that his mum was at home that disturbed Sean, it was the sight of her bikini clad body. A vivid memory flashed into Sean's brain at the unexpected sight, a memory that rendered Sean immobile and he stood at the window lost in the reverie Read more [...]

Mother’s Soldier Boy

I've always been shy. I can't give any reason for it or explain why I feel the way I do in certain situations, all I know is that as a child I was painfully shy and it's only as I've grown more mature that things have improved.It was because of my social awkwardness that I'd never had a girlfriend. Don't misunderstand me; I liked girls very much as a teenager, it's just that I wasn't able to communicate very effectively with them. I would try to hard to impress them and look like a twat or Read more [...]

Nude with Mum in the Sun

He dropped the used razor into the bowl of water and looked up from his handiwork. His mother smiled. Picking up the fresh towel he dabbed the corner into the water and then wiped the residual mess of shaving foam from her smooth vulva.Margot Barry looked at her son. She smirked and said, 'We really shouldn't be doing this, Mark.'He let the used towel drop onto the floor by the bed. 'No Mum,' he said in a voice constricted with emotion and desire, 'and I shouldn't do this either ...' And he Read more [...]

My Pregnant Mum

I couldn't care less if it was coincidence, fate, or just blind luck? Take your pick, you can analyse things all you want, I don't care a jot. I don't care what series of events led me to be stood on that street corner when my mother drove past. All I can say is with hindsight; I'm so pleased I was there.I didn't have a job, I was finding it hard to find one and even harder to keep one when I did. I was just lounging, with no particular place to go and in no hurry to get there. I was just deliberating Read more [...]