I Know I Am Behanchod

Hii guys this is bob Mathew from Hyderabad. This is my first story. And this  is a real story. If you believe it or not; but is a real experience.  My name is Mathew and my age is 19 fair with muscular body. I do have a little sister whose name is Priya. She is so beautiful and pretty. I love her so much I used to be close with her I used to share all things for example my friends, college, stories, affairs, sex etc., she don’t keep anything in mind she tells everything in face. So this is my Read more [...]

Sex Request Accepted By Sister

Hi everyone this is Varun (name changed) from south Tamilnadu & the story about my sexy cousin sister Priya (name changed). Pls rate & write your review at [email protected] This is my experience about my enjoyment before two days. I was so bored with life since I din had sex for past 1year as my own sister got married I couldn’t enjoy with her. I work for a private concern at Chennai. Before a month I got a foreign job & planned to shift in a month. So I was very eager to Read more [...]

Life’s First: With Cousin

Dear all ISS reader I am a new visitor to the site. Recently only few months ago I came across this site while searching for sex movies as my wife has been away from me, due to her pregnancy. I like the stories I read on the site and now it has inspired me to share some of my own experiences in the past as well as in recent times. I will try my best to share all the experiences one by one looking to your response to this one. Now about me, I am Abhinav with an average built up body with fair skin, Read more [...]

Moms Confession Lands Her In Trouble – Part I

My name is Paul. I am 18 years old and I am from a remote village in Kerala. All people in my village including my parents believe in all sorts of superstitions followed in the village. They follow everything that the leader says. For the past 6 months or so my father who was a manager in a plantation had become a drunkard. He used to beat up my mother accusing her to have extra marital affairs with his friend. My mother was very sad about his behaviour. She repeatedly said that he was wrong. But Read more [...]

A Night Out with Mom

Joanne got a kick out of teasing her 18-year-old son Brian. She would bend over to pick something off the floor when she knew he was looking; or she'd press her warm body up against him when they hugged, flattening her chest against his; or she'd leave her worn panties lying around the bathroom floor after her shower. She knew she was an attractive woman and that Brian was aroused by her flirtatious ways. What man wouldn't be? She had long legs, shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes—and Read more [...]

A Night of Incest

I was unbelievably horny as I lay in bed. I had to do something, something naughty and exciting. I may be a teenaged guy – I'm eighteen years old - but my need for unconventional sexual excitement can at times be all consuming. I had been rehearsing a scenario in my head for weeks and tonight I wanted to make it happen. My twin brother was asleep in his bed across the room. And he definitely figured in to my plan. You see for years now he and I have been having sex. It started with jerking Read more [...]

A Nice Spring Day

It was a nice spring day and I was driving home early from work to see my fiancée. As I approached my house I saw a strange car in the driveway. My cock started stiffening. When I got in the house I heard Lisa, my Fiancée, loudly moaning through an orgasm; my cock was rock hard and needed relief. I took the stairs two at a time. Lisa is a fat slut, that's why I love her. As I walked into the bedroom I nearly came in my pants at the sight that greeted my eyes. Lisa was lying on top of a Read more [...]

A New Summer

I walked up the drive of my grandfather’s summer home expecting it to be like every summer. I had just turned eighteen and had been going to visit him every summer for 12 years. At first I enjoyed and it was great, but as I grew older, I wanted my summers to be my own, not my grandfather’s. I never got to meet my grandmother, she died before I was born, but I often wonder if I would enjoy it even more if she were there. She isn’t though, so I don’t try to dwell on it. I had just Read more [...]

A New Leaf

My name is Erin, I'm thirty-five years old, and I have never slept with my father. It's good to get that off my chest. I haven't always told the truth. Have I thought about it? Indeed I have, frequently, and for nearly a decade. If the opportunity arose, would I actually sleep with my own father? A few months ago, despite my years of filial longing, I wouldn't have known how to answer that question. Today, I know the answer. About a year ago I found myself travelling frequently on business Seattle. Read more [...]

A New Found Taboo

1998 was a bad year for my family and me. I lost my father. My wife left me. I had my executive sales job downsized and I was out the door. Lets just say I was looking forward to 1999. My wife Holly left me after she found out that I had fooled around on her with a woman in Des Moines. I had called on a customer there and got to know the receptionist very well. One thing lead to another. I fool around with one woman in our 15-year marriage and I get caught. I did it and I paid the price. Read more [...]